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Apphud updates

What’s new: webhooks and subscription status notifications proxy

Server-to-server webhooks

Many of our customers asked to add this feature. So we’ve added it! Apphud now can notify your server when subscription events happens via webhooks. All 19 types of events are supported. You can use webhooks to implement custom logic on your server or to send data to internal analytics tool.

All you need is to create new webhook in “Integrations” section and paste your URL into “Webhook URL” field. Read more about how to properly configure webhooks in our documentation.

Subscription status proxy

Let’s imagine a situation. You already have subscriptions logic implemented on your server. It works using Apple’s subscription status notifications, thus you can’t paste Apphud’s subscription status URL to App Store Connect. But now this problem is solved. Apphud can automatically proxy all incoming server-to-server notifications from Apple to your server. To enable this feature, use Apphud’s subscription status URL in App Store Connect, and paste desired URL into app settings in Apphud.

That’s all for today. If you still didn’t try Apphud, follow this link and sign up for free. Have a great day!