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Apphud updates

AppsFlyer and Branch integration, use test keys for integrations and new docs

AppsFlyer and Branch Support

Apphud now supports AppsFlyer and Branch! Receive attribution data to Apphud and send subscription events to these attribution platforms. View efficiency of your ad campaigns dashboards and send revenue data to advertisement partners to optimize ad campaigns.

You can also view attribution data on user profile page:

View AppsFlyer and Branch attribution data right on user profile page

You can find detailed instructions how to set up these integrations in our documentation: here is tutorial for AppsFlyer and here is – for Branch.

Test Keys for Amplitude and Mixpanel

Use two keys while configuring Amplitude and Mixpanel integrations: one for production, one for testing purposes. Thus, you will not mix production and test events anymore. Just create two separate apps in Amplitude and Mixpanel for different environments.

In order to send events using test key you should call Apphud.setIntegrationsTestMode() before SDK initialization. Read more about using test keys in our documentation.

Remove Sandbox Users

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove some Apphud user while debugging. Now you can do this right on user profile page using just one button. Please note: you can remove only users who have at least one active or inactive Sandbox subscription.

Delete Sandbox users in one click

New documentation

Apphud has new beautiful and convenient documentation now. It’s available by old address:

Haven’t registered on Apphud yet? It’s time! Follow the link, sign up and start earning more on your iOS apps.